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The expansion of Pro Art Gallery into limited editions allows customers with modest means to be able to afford and enjoy the full range of Pro Art Gallery's artists. In addition to this it allows developers and hotels to incorporate ProArt Gallery artworks into their projects in a cost effective manner. ProArt Editions in hotel rooms are the perfect complement to original artworks in public areas such as lobbies.

The rarity of our editions, (10-1000 copies), increases the value of your investment. Each image is prepared for print from our digital files. Since, in many cases, there is no physical original, these limited edition prints are the "original."

Regardless of size or substrates used each image has a fixed, limited edition. If you purchase an image with an edition of 100, you know that it is one of only 100 copies

What makes our prints unique?

  • All of the artworks in our gallery have been commissioned exclusively by ProArt our gallery. These are not artists' commercial works used for other purposes.
  • ProArt Gallery is the one & only place to buy these unique limited edition art prints. You can't find them in any other gallery or shop, online or offline.
  • After all numbers of an edition are sold, that image will never again be printed as a photographic print, making your limited edition photograph a truly unique work of art.
  • Each purchased print will be produced individually.

Open Edition:
Each print run is of an undetermined quantity. Prints are individually hand signed by artist.

Limited Edition:
Each image is limited to a predetermined number of prints of a particular size. The prints are individually numbered and hand signed by the artist and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. The Gallery reserves the right to increase limited edition print prices as the number of individual prints decreases.